Dismembering the entrepreneur self, little s

The word is so hung up upon itself,
clinging to its wealth,
in spite of the health
stacked in stealth
Go ahead and aspire
to be admired
as you spiral
and seek to go viral
into the abyss-
failing while scaling
you cannot dismiss
the credo which claims
the reins
blaming those names
you’ve left in flames.

Once you have annihilated what you thought it was,
be humbled,
quiet applause.
The bridge is yours,
you are a builder,
again, a word that is familiar.

From latin origin inter prehendere
it means to grab, to take – just so you’re aware.
it had war-like origin to surround, which makes
some sense and seems profound.
then in French, it became more eloquent.
to swim out and grasp,
and then quite when you’re ready to gasp-
there is some extra beauty
for which I have discovered
In Sanskrit, the origin continues to be more colored.
For in this version Antha Prerna, it is written
this simple meaning should not be hidden.

Self-motivated is that translation,
Not power, not control
No negative connotation.

If it is the self that is the key,
we must be humbled to some degree-
That cultures have taken the word that we use
And we have embraced, an excuse to abuse.
Others, ourselves, and past bridges too-
A storied word, evolved to imbue,
A sense of hope
The New.

So borrow from it what you would like,
it is your power, it is your hike.

Bridge to the new mountain,
always ready to climb,
journey them together with compassionate Time.

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