Financial lava

I lift up my eyes
to the hills
and I rise
to my skills

My help
may it come
from where
it is once numb.

Open my path
Open my circuits
Open my brain waves
Activate my work-ups

I call to you
for answered insight
I climb, breathed blue
Transfigure me white.

Shone like the sun
radiant and clear
High on the mountain
the lava is near.

It flows
on its way
Here it comes
Forces arrayed
I hear the drums.

The cling of the timbrel
The nectar of the lyre
I Rebuild
I Rejoice
Trumpeted fire
I admire
Seemingly dire
I won’t retire
Here in my shire
I do inspire
To walk the wire
You do require.

I do request
Along the way
As you test
My non-regress
Your armor is placed upon my breast.

I am protected
in buckled truth
Fitted with readiness
Shielded from uncouth.
Faithful helmet,
Sword of might
I am alert
My soul, alight.

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