Does it monetize?

Maybe I shouldn’t type this line,
but maybe it’s okay
is it fine?

It seems that every thing
that we do
we need to review
for it is important,
don’t you know
to always think about the dough.

Knead it
Want it
Throw in some starter yeast
We must feed
the monetizable beast.

It’s so hungry
all the time
creating without purpose,
is such a crime.

What is your value prop?
What is your break even?
What is your financial target?
What can you succeed in?

But, if we judge our moments
for how they express,
are we handicapping
our own progress?

For when you dream
your dream bizarre
are you thinking of your ARR?

What is,
I ask you,
your life’s value prop
Does it scale and scale, and go nonstop?

Yes, your runway is running out
Your drop dead point is coming about
For now is the time
to shake the costume
Monetize or die
you’re stuck in doom.

We have been told by hero’s of yore
To grind through it all
To dream for more.

That’s what cashflow symbolizes
it seems
access to resources
to fuel one’s dreams.

For that bit, I admit,
It is true,
access is important
to break on through.

But what if access was here
all along,
and the need to monetize
was just plain wrong.

this poem is not,
just a reminder to live
in case you forgot.

Cash flow positive,
to a degree.

In conclusion I will drop some wisdom
for there is some advice in the startup system.

Before you wreck it
You must check it
You must express it.
Find your exit.

As you growth hack your way
into self-flattery
Always know your exit strategy.

For if you can escape this rat race today
It is okay
To not know
the way.

Your inbox may be zero’ed
And your life may be too
You’re far up the creek with golden paddles,
But did you lose the canoe?

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