5am at 30,000ft

Did I wake up
early enough?
Time to get to work
on the right stuff.

I haven’t always been
a man of 5
but now lately,
it is key to my drive.

Waking up early, is it the
entrepreneur thing to do?
rising up high
30,000 ft view

Time, oh time,
how it is so
that no matter how early I rise
I seem to plateau?

Time to drink coffee
Time to grind
Time to inbox zero
My time, self defined.

That is the beauty of
the early morning ritual
Blackbox a bunch tasks
Make it habitual.
One pro tip, though, to not forget,
Open up your playlist
to your fav lowfi quartet.
or switch to something else
work flow roulette.

But not only is the morning
a time to grind,
what you will find
can only be designed
when not confined
you will be inclined
to be intertwined
with a work life redefined.

After all, when you plateau
Do not fret
For everyone is still sleeping, do not forget.
I still have time,
the day is mine.

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