Impact from the small

I started this poem late on a flow
I just wanted you to know.

You do know that when I flow
it racks my brain
so that I may maintain
myself in a productivity domain.

All things that have unimportance
take on a feeling quiet discordance.
Let us focus on the things that matter
like coffee and inbox and to do list chatter.

But maybe one of the best things that comes from the flow
is the realization of effective perspective
being a detective as you’re forced to be selective
Because after all
is the point to be big
or to do small.

A human doing versus a human being
I hear you agreeing
Existentially fleeing
Questioning your wellbeing

Ah, it comes to a close
do we really know
if we’re left with something

No, it’s not great,
but it is some thing
A chance to dig deep
A written clean sweep

For when these writing sessions are done I say
My mind is less cluttered
A good way to start the day.

The mind it simply may be
another third inbox – one, two, three
Check the calendar
Check the gmail
Check the mind
Every detail

It is okay,
but don’t you forget
doing the small
is an endless threat.

Be big
Be bold
Do things of importance
Strive for the sun
Business being performance.

Getting to the finish line

They say showing up is 90% of success.
Wise words, no doubt,
But hollow, nonetheless.

It’s not that it’s bad advice
It’s just that it’s not precise.

For, yes, showing up, may get you almost there,
But do not misconstrue,
As you sit on your chair,
waiting for your fair share.

As much as we prepare
As much as we care
Working our hands bare
Even losing our hair

It’s the last 10 percent that really is the key
Take a moment and see
if you disagree.

For what happens in the last steps
of the storied project journey
even to this wordy poet
seems quite blurry

These are the moments to reach deep down inside
Often it seems,
It is more than we can provide.

It’s much easier to just stop
and whine and fret
like a little child
we didn’t get what we wanted yet.

Beyond feeling upset
Noticing our debt and our sweat
We are met with a threat
To feel substantial regret.

Why did we arrive
at this 91 percent today
Only to get to this point
and waste it away?

I guess we got one more percent
for listening inside
I still feel angsty
Feeling denied.

Why isn’t everything delivered to me?
I work hard
I’m smart
Can’t you agree?

When you scream in the bellows of
lonely dark dreams
what you do feel are the extremes.

For that is what the body
and the heart
and the mind
feels at the 92,
your doubts defined and combined.
Designed to be resigned
to a feeling
that feels misaligned.

Working our way to 93 takes effort
Roll up the sleeves
Put on a fresh shirt.

Be warned this is when
You may start to get angry
You’ll start to convince yourself it’s everyone’s else fault,
quite frankly.

But of course you know this part is not true
The reason you think this
is personal to you.
It’s time to review
the Why you pursue
Getting to the line
you must get to.

If the why is the three,
then what is the four?
First, one must stop
the yearn to be lifted through the door.
When you explore
What came before
It’s easy to see
what you cannot ignore.
So much of childhood
is getting the lift
And on to adulting
marks the shift.

Teamwork certainly helps,
but what if it’s not there
Take a moment in prayer to repair and prepare.
I declare
Through despair
I will meet this square.

At the mark of ninety-five
your consistent thought bellows-
“I’m never enough” to thrive.
This is probably the hardest part of of the final stretch
the artists reward what a kvetch.

You look around you and everyone else is focused on other things
Not thinking about you and your project needs
They expect you to…

[note to self: finish this poem later] ­čśë

you see what i did there…

5am at 30,000ft

Did I wake up
early enough?
Time to get to work
on the right stuff.

I haven’t always been
a man of 5
but now lately,
it is key to my drive.

Waking up early, is it the
entrepreneur thing to do?
rising up high
30,000 ft view

Time, oh time,
how it is so
that no matter how early I rise
I seem to plateau?

Time to drink coffee
Time to grind
Time to inbox zero
My time, self defined.

That is the beauty of
the early morning ritual
Blackbox a bunch tasks
Make it habitual.
One pro tip, though, to not forget,
Open up your playlist
to your fav lowfi quartet.
or switch to something else
work flow roulette.

But not only is the morning
a time to grind,
what you will find
can only be designed
when not confined
you will be inclined
to be intertwined
with a work life redefined.

After all, when you plateau
Do not fret
For everyone is still sleeping, do not forget.
I still have time,
the day is mine.

Financial lava

I lift up my eyes
to the hills
and I rise
to my skills

My help
may it come
from where
it is once numb.

Open my path
Open my circuits
Open my brain waves
Activate my work-ups

I call to you
for answered insight
I climb, breathed blue
Transfigure me white.

Shone like the sun
radiant and clear
High on the mountain
the lava is near.

It flows
on its way
Here it comes
Forces arrayed
I hear the drums.

The cling of the timbrel
The nectar of the lyre
I Rebuild
I Rejoice
Trumpeted fire
I admire
Seemingly dire
I won’t retire
Here in my shire
I do inspire
To walk the wire
You do require.

I do request
Along the way
As you test
My non-regress
Your armor is placed upon my breast.

I am protected
in buckled truth
Fitted with readiness
Shielded from uncouth.
Faithful helmet,
Sword of might
I am alert
My soul, alight.

Multi-monitor madness

I can see it all,
The answers are on the wall,
always at my easy view,
allowing me the opportunity to see into,
the realities that await,
my focused state.
tab one, tab two,
window three, window four
multi-monitors galore.
Master of Speed
Master of Time
multi-monitor sublime.

Should I add one more?
Can I configure the ports, I must explore.
Horizontal and vertical.
I can only optimize to a degree.

Alas, there is a return that is diminishing
a law that will be my finishing,
but I am scheming as I’m dreaming
for one monitor more may be the one
that opens the door
to the multi-monitor portal
of the immortal.

Procrastination is still on my Task List

Well, I finally did it.
I had to commit
for there was a meeting
to review
the progress that had not ensued.

A four month delay,
but I found the way,
to obey
and get underway.

Sometimes there are parts of work that we resist.
Everyone has their reasons and their list.
Can we coexist with that which subsists,
gnawing at our mind as we quietly exist?

Create a fake email and all their detail
Click this, click that,
keyboard judo, mouse combat.

When there are things that we do not want
to do
that is a hint that we must review.

Some say to delegate,
Others say to hustle,
This is where we cannot be mindfully muzzled.
Ripping a band aid off
is one approach.
that says one’s business coach.

All that I can say
now that the fear that was discrete is complete
is to
be Kind with your heart as we retreat
into a comfortable safety
but do know that
we must be hasty with that which is weighty
for it has the power to erase me, ready to hit your escape key.

The projects are yours, the tasks are there
you must decide how to care-
Your procrastination is your cue
take your leap into The New.

Dismembering the entrepreneur self, little s

The word is so hung up upon itself,
clinging to its wealth,
in spite of the health
stacked in stealth
Go ahead and aspire
to be admired
as you spiral
and seek to go viral
into the abyss-
failing while scaling
you cannot dismiss
the credo which claims
the reins
blaming those names
you’ve left in flames.

Once you have annihilated what you thought it was,
be humbled,
quiet applause.
The bridge is yours,
you are a builder,
again, a word that is familiar.

From latin origin inter prehendere
it means to grab, to take – just so you’re aware.
it had war-like origin to surround, which makes
some sense and seems profound.
then in French, it became more eloquent.
to swim out and grasp,
and then quite when you’re ready to gasp-
there is some extra beauty
for which I have discovered
In Sanskrit, the origin continues to be more colored.
For in this version Antha Prerna, it is written
this simple meaning should not be hidden.

Self-motivated is that translation,
Not power, not control
No negative connotation.

If it is the self that is the key,
we must be humbled to some degree-
That cultures have taken the word that we use
And we have embraced, an excuse to abuse.
Others, ourselves, and past bridges too-
A storied word, evolved to imbue,
A sense of hope
The New.

So borrow from it what you would like,
it is your power, it is your hike.

Bridge to the new mountain,
always ready to climb,
journey them together with compassionate Time.

Inbox zero, now what?

Every day, multiple times a day it is empty.
And, perhaps, so am I.
From this place, where does one go?

At the bottom of the inbox is an empty sink,
shining in it’s emptiness,
waiting and ready to be filled, yet again.

Why do we yearn for it so much?
Treasure at the end of the rainbow?
Seeking to unburden ourselves by the overwhelm, the noise, the requirements upon us-
And once it is processed, and moved through,
Once the excess has been put where it belongs
We find ourselves left with ourselves,
Clear state,
Open fate.
Quieted power,
From the tower,
We gaze at the ways that one plays
with our mind
that make us blind
to the truth
that is our right
to become
more than what we fear
to look to the Might
that is beyond the fight.

Our life flower,
opens into
our power.

The open state.
From which we create.