Procrastination is still on my Task List

Well, I finally did it.
I had to commit
for there was a meeting
to review
the progress that had not ensued.

A four month delay,
but I found the way,
to obey
and get underway.

Sometimes there are parts of work that we resist.
Everyone has their reasons and their list.
Can we coexist with that which subsists,
gnawing at our mind as we quietly exist?

Create a fake email and all their detail
Click this, click that,
keyboard judo, mouse combat.

When there are things that we do not want
to do
that is a hint that we must review.

Some say to delegate,
Others say to hustle,
This is where we cannot be mindfully muzzled.
Ripping a band aid off
is one approach.
that says one’s business coach.

All that I can say
now that the fear that was discrete is complete
is to
be Kind with your heart as we retreat
into a comfortable safety
but do know that
we must be hasty with that which is weighty
for it has the power to erase me, ready to hit your escape key.

The projects are yours, the tasks are there
you must decide how to care-
Your procrastination is your cue
take your leap into The New.

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