Impact from the small

I started this poem late on a flow
I just wanted you to know.

You do know that when I flow
it racks my brain
so that I may maintain
myself in a productivity domain.

All things that have unimportance
take on a feeling quiet discordance.
Let us focus on the things that matter
like coffee and inbox and to do list chatter.

But maybe one of the best things that comes from the flow
is the realization of effective perspective
being a detective as you’re forced to be selective
Because after all
is the point to be big
or to do small.

A human doing versus a human being
I hear you agreeing
Existentially fleeing
Questioning your wellbeing

Ah, it comes to a close
do we really know
if we’re left with something

No, it’s not great,
but it is some thing
A chance to dig deep
A written clean sweep

For when these writing sessions are done I say
My mind is less cluttered
A good way to start the day.

The mind it simply may be
another third inbox – one, two, three
Check the calendar
Check the gmail
Check the mind
Every detail

It is okay,
but don’t you forget
doing the small
is an endless threat.

Be big
Be bold
Do things of importance
Strive for the sun
Business being performance.

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